1. Reformatted an old Nickelodeon Magazine comic as a mini comic for good ol’ SAW, drew a cover. Give them some money, they’ll give you one.

  2. Backyard shirt design

  3. Self portrait

  4. In progress. Backyard shirt.


  5. study-group:


    Check out this email I just got:

    Jake Barnes <jake.barnes36@gmail.com>

    2:38 PM (0 minutes ago)

    to marinaomi

    I enjoy Mr. Lobdell’s writing in comics, he has had some very good story arcs in the super-hero genre…I have just today found out about this panel…

    Our friend Mari is now getting harassed by impotent Hemmingway characters (or Scott Lobdell under another pseudonym maybe). This truly is a fallen world.

    My friend Mari received this email today, a reaction to her reaction to being sexually harassed not long ago.

    I’ll not editorialize, other than to say that it makes my skin want to throw up.

  6. If you only go to one Hawaiian Luau at a Mexican restaurant this season, make it this one.

  7. Billiard Therapy with Doctor Robert!

  8. New tattoo

  9. HOWDY!!